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Las arenas de barna was one of three bullrings in Barcelona. Opened in 1900, ns bullring to be designed by Augusto Font i Carreras y could hold about 15,000 spectators.

In 1999, los structure was really much in disarray till it to be purchased through the sociedad Sacresa. Architect richard Rogers was tasked con converting the arena into ns shopping center. After eight año of construction, ns shopping center officially opened in 2011.

The mall is topped by a 27-meter high dome, complete con an outdoor terrace that allows for uno panoramic check out of ns wonders roughly Barcelona. 

Know prior to You Go

Pl. Espanya mezeritsch station is serviced by plenty of different lines and is just a few blocks away. The exterior is constantly visible. One of the hallways has pictures of los construction.

In ns true soul of los Mediterranean lifestyle, fine take ns time to important connect con each other y also with ns people we satisfy along los way.





A previous steam-powered mill desde the 1800s is currently an industrial park with ns giant stole dragon slide.
Once uno thriving service district, this previous shopping area is currently an urbano ghost town in los heart of ns city.

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Throughout this purchase mall are middle ages ruins the were uncovered during the mall's construction.

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