Olivier Giroud bicycle-kicked Chelsea to a deserved away win over a defensive atlético Madrid side in Bucharest

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no no no Olivier Giroud’s end up was so good, it also surprised him. Photograph: Daniel Mihăilescu/AFP/Getty images
great result y fantastic goal, y well deserved. Un lot of concentration, that we want to overcome in los opponents’ half, never ever to shed our concentration or the precision of our passing, not to execute mistakes too beforehand in our passing y take un risk in the last veinte metres. The was the challenge. And at the same hora to be aware of rapid counter-attacks. It was a very disciplined performance, us had uno deserved clean sheet, and this is the basis of a big far win, yet it is half-time.

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We analysed ns matches, us knew might happen. We told ns guys that if it taken place maybe it’s also our quality, y the respect, the made them do it. We desire to be brave, y play int that opponents’ half, and not be afraid. The intention to be to keep the intensity high with runs y with counter-pressing, and this is what we did an extremely well rápido we never ever let lock breathe, we never let lock counter. Fortunately us got un big reward con this result.

I don’t want to be critical. The was sí to take ns risk in the último metres of ns pitch. Us created a lot of instances where us could comienzo attacks, I’m very happy con that. I’m confident, because identificación see the will, identificación see the hunger, me gustaría see los desire. We will certainly not prevent pushing los guys, y encouraging them to improve.

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Jacob Steinberg has actually filed his enhance report:


In the fin it came debajo to Chelsea’s ambition. If Atletico la capital española were held trasero by Diego Simeone’s negativity, thomas Tuchel called his team come play. Liberated, Chelsea stood up to be counted. They allow their football do the talking instead of climbing to luis Suárez’s provocation, earning your reward once Olivier Giroud gave them uno slender benefit to take espalda to Stamford leg with un special goal.

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Tuchel can celebrate ns perfect away screen in Bucharest, where the tie was played because of Covid-19 restrictions. Chelsea, who have ns wonderful possibility to development beyond los last 16 for ns first time since 2016, were far much more progressive 보다 Atlético. That was a complete performance and the just disappointment is the Jorginho and the impressive Mason Mount will be exposed for los second foot on diecisiete March.