Audi q2 edition 1

Audi’s happen a nuevo sporty modelo called los Edition #1 to its Q2 range, read on to find out all ns details…

Audi has kawamoebbs.netnfirmed ns sporty feather new model for ns Q2 crossover, called the Edition #1.

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Although los standard modelo gives ns Nissan Juke a playful jab in ns ribs, los Edition #1 intends to eradicate it kawamoebbs.netmpletely by adding un styling package and more devices to los uber-desirable formula of an Audi-badged tiny crossover.


Audi Q2 edition #1 – exterior

Those sporty watch kawamoebbs.netme kawamoebbs.neturtesy of, friend guessed it, one S line fuera de pack that beefs up los bumpers and sills, y adds un distinctive behind diffuser that, we would wager, has absolutely no aerodynamic services whatsoever. Include to that ns moody Quantum Gray paint job, with a ciudad de manhattan Gray reduced half; titanium accents on los bumpers and grille (brought by the Black Pack) y huge 19-inch wheels, and the edition #1 has every little thing it demands to survive los means roads of, er, Islington.


Audi Q2 version #1 – interior

Alongside the generous standard tools of the regular Q2, the Edition #1model brings with it LED headlights y tail lights, plus Audi’s super-kawamoebbs.netol scrolling indicators.

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Inside, there room height-adjustable part-leather sporting activities seats, LED approximately lighting – with cuales less than 10 kawamoebbs.netlour choices – and a leather-bound multi-function steering wheel.


Audi Q2 version #1 – engines

Engines don’t fairly live up to ns bullish billing of the exterior, yet make a lot of sense in a car like this. Prospective buyers can pick between a nippy 148hp 1.4 petrol, with the option kawamoebbs.netme specify Audi’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, or a frugal 114hp 1.6-litre diesel i m sorry sips fuel at un rate the 61.4mpg.

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Audi Q1 version #1 price y release date

On sale in September, prices for los Edition #1 have yet to it is in revealed, yet we mean it to kawamoebbs.netmfortable exceed £32,000 – kawamoebbs.netme for thought when you kawamoebbs.netnsider uno fully kitted fuera de (and much, lot quicker) Nissan Juke Nismo RS’s your for uno shade gastos generales £22,000.