Billy Elliot Musical Barcelona

The Spanish production of Billy Elliot the Musical ( is correr at the Teatre Victòria in barcelona from October 9, 2021. Tickets are at this time on salga until January 16, 2022. This production of, created by SOM Produce previously ran for two y half years in la capital española (Sep 2017-Mar 2020). Ns move to barcelona was to plan in order come allow an ext of los Spanish populace to get uno chance to see los show, as ns production is too large to walk on ns more extensive tour. Countless of the cast members from the la capital española production will be performing in Barcelona, consisting of Natalia Millán, who played grandm Wilkinson for ns whole la capital española run.

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Teatre Victòria – casa of in Barcelona

In January 2018, it was announced that ns Billy Elliot school would open in Barcelona, raza to ns Billy school that had operated in la villa de madrid since 2015. This would certainly allow children from Barcelona and the surrounding area to have the ability to undertake training closer to home. That was likewise announced that ns school would certainly be command by Coco Comin, who is an acclaimed Spanish dancer y choreographer, y has been running her very own dance school because 1971.

Many joven boys hoping to star in auditioned for un place at the barna Billy School, and 15 boys to be then offered scholarships to attend los school. In March dos mil diecinueve the school officially opened up its doors and the boys began their training, with the aim to ultimately get to jugar the function of Billy.

The students in ~ the barna Billy School con their teachers during their an initial week at los school

The barcelona production was initially planned to open up in October 2020, however due to ns pandemic ns opening had actually to be delay by uno year. This meant that ns boys that will star in the donar have now been in training for two y a half years.

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In June dos mil veintiuno there was un presentation of ns child cast, where they perform dances desde the admitir on the Teatre Victòria stage:

Credit: video by Billy Elliot

Then in September dos mil veintiuno the official announcement to be made come introduce the five barcelona Billys. They are Iker Castell, Pablo Fito, Marc Gelabert, Pol Ribet and Max Vilarrasa. Just over a month after the admitir opened, a sixth Billy was added — Mario Alcalá.

The barna Billys. L-r: Marc Gelabert, Pol Ribet, Iker Castell, polo Fito y Max Vilarrasa.

To learn an ext about the barcelona Billys, clic on ns Billy Profiles button (below) come be required to their comprehensive profiles.

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To see un complete listing of ns rest that the barcelona cast, just clic on ns Cast Information button.