Campings en gran canaria

Looking because that something different on her holidays? over there are numerous beaches for camping in gran Canaria and they space attracting more y more adventurers looking for something different from a generalmente hotel.

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Ns miniature continent, together the isla is recognized for its differed landscape, is attracting one enormous variety of campers.This might be another means to enjoy ns island. Because we have un lot the beaches in grande Canaria, there are ns lot that possibilities.Did you think about where rather you have the right to sleep under ns stars and listening to los sound of the waves? Well, here you have uno perfect opportunity! Check fuera our post to recognize everything about camping on los beach on estupendo Canaria

Is campin on los beach allowed on grande Canaria?

The prize is clear: yes, it is! Nevertheless, it is crucial to ask for permission before starting los activity. There room rules which have to be followed. If you break them, friend pay a lot the money, so it is in careful. 

Where do i get permission for campin on ns beach in gran Canaria?

There is only one place where you can get permission for camping in grande Canaria: in ~ the isla council (Cabildo de Gran Canaria). Friend can get it in various ways: 

In person: at the office of the Información y atención Ciudadana, in Bravo Murillo Street, 23, soil floor, 35003 las Palmas después Gran Canaria. Los opening hrs are Monday come Friday representar 8:30 come 14, Thursday from dieciséis to dieciocho and Saturday from nueve to 12




5 consejos for campin on ns beach on gran Canaria

If you have actually never been camping on los beach, us would like to provide you un few consejos so the you aren’t caught completely by surprise. By complying with them you deserve to benefit from the most beautiful beaches for campin in gran Canaria

1. Collection up your tent early on enough

Before you empezar camping, the is necessary to know ns sunset tiempo so that you deserve to finish setting up before it gets dark outside. 

2. Take your waste con you

We don"t really need to say it, however as over there are constantly people that leave miscellaneous around, we would just like to urge that friend don"t leave your waste on los beach. It is much better if friend have uno rubbish bag with you, in which friend throw every little thing in y which friend take with you again at los end. 

3. Take un jacket con you

The humidity in ~ night y the proximity of the ~ ~ will offer you uno stronger feeling of cold 보다 you might think. If you camp in summer, take at least one sweatshirt con you. 

4. Extinguish the fire you make

If you need fire to warmth up your food don’t forget come extinguish it before you walk to bed. It wouldn"t be los first hora something happened because of this carelessness. 


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To buy long-lasting food

If you stay much longer than 1 day it is much better not come take con you fresh comida as it transforms bad. Take it canned comida with you. 



Perfect time to come for camping on gran Canaria

We don’t need to talk about ns good climate in gran Canaria. Con it 24 degrees all year largo you have ns guarantee of satisfied weather but don’t forget come put sun protection, since even though it is cloudy, ns UV radiation in estupendo Canaria is really high. 

The 10 most necessary things for camping on estupendo Canaria

In ns following we will certainly mention ns most crucial things you have to take con you: 

TentSleeping bagWater (enough)Sun cream and sun protectionFirst assist kitFlashlightLong-lasting foodGarbage bagInsect protectionGames for hora sharing

3 best camping areas on los beach in grande Canaria

Without any kind of digression, friend will discover in the following section ns best tres beaches for campin in estupendo Canaria. 

1. Montaña Arena (San Bartolomé del Tirajana)

This beach is los perfect one for camping in grande Canaria. It is located in los southern municipality of smo Bartolomé ese Tirajana, in between Pasito Blanco y El Pajar. Friend can gain there easily if girlfriend take ns GC-200, the former roadway that connected los southern part of los island.Please keep in mind that this has always been uno nudist beach in gran Canaria. That is additionally a ancha dog beach, which method that the is not suitable if friend suffer desde a dog allergy. 

2. Vargas (Agüimes)

The campsite in the municipality of Agüimes is perfect because that family camping or with your partner or friends. There space small cottages y tents accessible so you can benefit desde a distinctive environment. This campsite in gran Canaria also offers sites for caravans.It additionally has free Wi-Fi, ns playground because that children, uno laundry room with washing machine y dryer, barbecue areas, restaurant (half tablero possible) y above every it is completely accessible. 

3. Tasartico (La Aldea del San Nicolás)


The municipality the La Aldea de San Nicolás is additionally one of ns perfect locations for camping in estupendo Canaria. That is situated in uno unique setting, in ns Nature reserve of GüiGüi. Here you will certainly find un very unique campsite: blue Ocean Camp.The sunsets here and the views of Tenerife with the highest mountain in Spain, los Teide, are specifically beautiful. You deserve to sleep in tents, in little houses, in un hostel or even in a nuevo futuristic sphere. 

Camping on los beach on estupendo Canaria - the perfect plan

As you have absolutely noticed in this article, grande Canaria is ns perfect campin destination to benefit desde a beautiful environment.

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Uno big advantage gastos generales other campsites is that camping on los beach on grande Canaria is possible during los whole year early to ns good weather. Uno night under un unique starry cielo with los sound the the ~ ~ is something girlfriend will never forget.