The Alenda golfo course to be designed y built through Roland Favrat with the maximum respect for the original put of ns land y the estate’s naturalmente vegetation, avoiding any kind of aggressive movements of earth during ns construction process.

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The solo course was completed in October 1999. It covers 49 hectares that land, 18 holes, par setenta y dos and 6,257 metres in length, also as an excellent practice area.


We have a saturado driving selection with largo shot, with veinticinco mats, bunker, dos greens y pitch&putt called hole 19. Area is illuminated and allows practice until 22:00 h.

The hole 19 is great practice area is composed of seis tees converging on los same eco-friendly with 3 holes.It is ideal for beginners y experts who want to practice los short game. Rent for a limited time, throughout which the is not involved by everyone else.

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The golf School guided by los Golf federación of the Valencian comunidad has terrific practice area with 25 driving variety stations and areas whereby you can practice all levels that short and medium game.





Find fuera de the tournaments that will certainly be held in our bahía course in 2018. These days are provisional y some the them might undergo changes.


The Alenda solo sports complex has every you need. Train in ~ our gym to enhance your swing, juego paddle at ns best location, enjoy los best comida with impressive views and buy or rent your golf clubs in ~ our shop.


Welcome to our GYM, i m sorry completes Alenda’s superior sports complex. With the very recent technology, fitness area, cardio, Pilates, instructor-led sessions and highly qualified physical trainers.

We have virtual lessons for your very own training!

GROUP class (included in ns fees)Stretching · indoor cycling · Aero-pump · Fitball · reduced body workout.

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PERSONAL TRAINERSOur emplea trainers will motivate you and help friend to achieve your goals healthily and safely.

Monday to Friday, desde 08.00 to 21.00.

Saturday y Sunday, representar 08.00 to 14.00.

Please ask ours staff around hours for grupo classes.

1st month fee: 55€Payment in Caddy grasp by credit transaction card, at ns time the registration.

Next month fee: 45€By banco transfer

Day use: 8€

– prices VAT included.– The sociedad reserves ns right to modify these rates and conditions.– Please call Alenda bahía to find fuera de about los different options available.


At los restaurant’s helm is un team with extensive professional experience in ns hotel y catering industry. Ns menu offers ns highest quality produce, only los very finest of the Mediterranean diet.

See menu


At our shop girlfriend will find top brands y products that have been specifically designed because that golf and paddle. Buy or rental your golf clubs.

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At Alenda golfo we have created ns top class sports complex, including some wonderful paddle courts.

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