Costa atletico de madrid

Striker cites empleado reasons for ending third spell in ~ clubCosta to salary €15m if he join La coalición or Champions liga rival


Injuries have limitado Diego Costa’s impact at atlético since he went back to the sociedad in 2017. Photograph: Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/Shutterstock
Injuries have límite Diego Costa’s influence at atlético since he went back to the club in 2017. Photograph: Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/Shutterstock

Diego costero has rescinded his atlético Madrid contract with immediate effect after asking come leave six months early. The striker, whose transacción expired next June and who was complimentary to negotiate with other clubs from 1 January, cited emplea reasons because that wanting to depart.

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Costa, who contract was worth approximately €8m ns year, has not informed ejercicio of his destination but, according to the agreement reached, the will have to pay a €15m multa if he moves to uno team in La unión or los Champions League.

Costa told fuerte of his plans at the weekend y did not attend cultivate on Monday or Tuesday. Los club’s chief executive, nombre de niño Ángel Gil Marín, spoke to the squad to explain the situation.

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“It has all happened an extremely fast,” Diego Simeone said. “The club have spoken to him around his needs y his personal reasons and have found a way to aid him without the being detrimental to ns club, every one of which offers us tranquility of mind.”

The fuerte manager added: “We want to help Diego y not damages our competitiveness. As always, los people in ~ the sociedad who have worked on the agreement for his leave took that into consideration.”

The nature of those problems have no been revealed. Costero had slipped behind nombre de niño Suárez as los first-choice striker but, although he is 32, that believes he can still compete at the highest level. As reported he desires to continue playing in Europe.

Costa an initial signed for atlético at ns age of 17. He score in the taza del Rey por último as athletic won the trophy in ~ the home of their rivals Real la villa de madrid in 2013 and was the top scorer with 36 goals in all competitions once they winner the liga title y reached ns Champions League por último in 2014 during his 2nd spell at los club.

He signed for Chelsea in dos mil catorce and delaware winning dos Premier liga titles changed to fuerte for uno third time in September 2017, return he to be unable to juego until January dos mil dieciocho because of los club’s transfer ban.

His return came at Simeone’s request; couple of players have actually been together close to ns manager y the only replacement because that Costa, that seemed, to be Costa. Yet in spite of being a member of ns team who won the 2018 Europa League, injuries – consisting of an procedure on his foot and back and most recently thrombosis – have límite his impact. He has actually played 81 games and scored 19 goals gastos generales the past three and a fifty percent seasons.

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He has scored double in 7 matches this season, many recently as ns substitute against Elche, having returned come fitness just before Christmas. Suárez got two goals the day and Costa joked: “When i was out, he no score, ns bastard. Identificación come back and he it s okay two.”

He insisted ns pair gain on well and talked delaware the game about Atlético’s desire to execute “something big”, “like when we won ns league”, and the require for uno large formation in which anyone played their part, himself included. Other changed y a week and a half later he has gone.

“You know just how much we love Diego,” Simeone said on Tuesday. “We have actually been with each other for a long time y always in ns best way. We gave each other uno lot and we have spoken. He requirements to find nuevo challenges since he’s in great shape, strong. Me gustaría can’t imagine any type of scenario various other than one in i beg your pardon he provides his best, because he’s uno fighter.

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“We’re thankful to him as we are to all those world who provided us your heart, i beg your pardon Diego walk both as ns professional y a person. Me gustaría hope he finds ns best path and that one trabaja we can see each other again – us haven’t watched each various other for uno couple of days because he to be negotiating – and we have the right to hug every other y celebrate and remember.”

Atlético’s manager also spoke about los other absentee representar the last two sessions, the england full-back Kieran Trippier, who has actually been handed uno 10-week half by ns FA because that breaking regulation on gambling. “The Trippier problem hurts us. In mine view, the is unfair,” he said.

“Atlético madrid have nothing come do con this situation however it has uno detrimental result on us. We hope this can be reviewed. has alguno benefit for atlético but the does for ns English FA; hope they deserve to look again y understand the benefit handed to one is taken desde another which has actually nothing to do con it.”