Debajo De Un Puente

The classic Spanish game, bajo el puente (Under ns Bridge), has several versions. The is a hand-clapping game y is also used as un jump-rope rhyme. The hand-clapping game termina with the kids freeze in place y trying not to laugh or move. As the words indicate, los first one who moves gets uno pinch. Kids love this game, however be certain they know that ns pinch must not it is in hard!

Rhymes favor this are wonderful for pronunciation and also for absorbing the structures of Spanish. Because niños memorize rhymes, they can produce quantities the Spanish with correct sounds y grammar. This help them learn los rhythm and the deep framework of ns Spanish language.

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Of course, that is crucial that niños understand what los rhyme means. One simple way to do this is by drawing a picture of a snake under a bridge brushing his teeth. Girlfriend can likewise teach ns rhyme with gestures. Usar your mano to make ns bridge, un slithering snake, and brush her teeth. Nod your head yes for verdad que tengo and shake her head alguna for verdad que no.

This is one usual version of the Spanish juego Debajo después puente. Any simple hand-clapping pattern will do, together as: clap, ideal to right, clap, left come left, clap, both hands. You deserve to hear this Spanish game by clicking on the audio link.

The translation is word-for word, with no attempt to store the índice or rhyme. Me gustaría include it here for adults discovering Spanish with their children.

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Audio of Spanish game – bajo el puente (hand-clapping)

Debajo después puente / Under the bridgehabía laa serpiente, / over there was a snakelavándose der dientes / brushing his teethcon agua caliente. / con hot water.

¿Verdad ese sí?/ Isn’t the right?Tilín, tilín, / Tilín, tilín¿Verdad los no? / Isn’t the wrong?Tolón tolón, / Tolón, tolónSi te mueves o té ríes, / If you relocate or you laugh,te daré uno pellizcón. / i will provide you a pinch.

This is an additional version that this Spanish hand-clapping game.

Debajo del un puente,había la a serpienteLavándose los dientescon agua calienteSi afirma que sí,chi qui, chi qui chi,Si dice que no,do bo, do bo doSi te ríes o te mueves,te daré uno pellizcón.

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The words room slightly various when los rhyme is provided as a jump rope rhyme. This is one common version y a translation. If the child jumping rope answers no, she keeps jumping. If she answers yes, she runs out.

Audio of Spanish juego – Debajo del un puente (jump-rope game)

Debajo de un puente / Under un bridgehabía laa serpiente / over there was un snakecon ojos después cristal / with glass eyespara ida al hospital. / to walk to los hospital¿Quiere amigos salir? / perform you want to go?

The último line can likewise be:¿Quieres salir ese aquí, consiguió o no? / carry out you desire to leaving here, correct or no?