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Join a grupo to visit ns kawamoebbs.net y Generalife. The guided tourism includes: kawamoebbs.net Tickets and official guide tour of los kawamoebbs.net & Generalife.

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The social offer of los Monumental complicated of los kawamoebbs.net y the Generalife is wide y varied. You deserve to visit los kawamoebbs.net during daytime, con the visión de conjunto daytime ticket option, with option of admission ticket for los morning or evening, y you can additionally visit it in ~ night, because that which girlfriend will have to purchase the Evening admission ticket.

If you wish to visit los gardens, with los Daytime join ticket there is un possibility of purchasing a ticket that enables to visit the main garden areas zones of los Monument. In addition, you have the right to visit the museo of the kawamoebbs.net free.


TICKETS because that kawamoebbs.net GENERAL

The normal daytime visit allows accessibility to all ns visitable spaces of los Monument: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, carlos V Palace, windy baths and the Mosque. This type of visit additionally includes the Gardens Visit.

Visitors have to enter ns Nasrid Palaces within los specific access time slot written on their admission ticket.

Moring Ticket: Monday come Sunday: 8.30 to 14 h. Afternoon Ticket: Monday to Sunday: no From November come February: 14.00 come 18.00 h From March to October: 14.00 come 20.00 no

TICKETS because that kawamoebbs.net at NIGHT

There are dos kinds the night visits, ns night visit around ns palaces (only includes ns Nasrid Palaces) and the night visit around ns gardens (only includes the Patio de la Acequia in los Generalife). This visits are independent y incompatible since they take location at ns same time.

no Tickets for kawamoebbs.net at Night Palaces no 15th October come 14th March: Friday y Saturday from 20:00 come 21:30 15th March come 14th October: desde Tuesday come Saturday representar 22:00 to 23:30. No Tickets because that kawamoebbs.net at Night Generalife 15th October to 14th March: Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 21:30 15th March come 14th October: representar Tuesday come Saturday from 22:00 come 23:30. No no

Entry to the Nasrid Palaces is strictly limitado to the times shown on ns ticket. When inside, visitors might remain until los Monument closes.

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*It is requested that during ns night tour is not used flash, resulting in discomfort y preventing the serene perception Nazari Palaces.


TICKETS because that kawamoebbs.net GARDENS

With the garden ticket you deserve to visit all locations of the Monumental complicated open to los public, except los Nasrid Palaces.

It includes: Promenade of the Cypress Trees, Secano ("Dryland"), Gardens of the Monastery of smo Francisco. Alcazaba. Partal: Gallery, gardens and paths of the Palace, Rauda, palace of Jusuf III, Promenade of los Towers. Royal residence of the Generalife: lower Gardens and High Gardens (The Court of los Main Canal, the Sultana"s Court y Water Stairway)

The admission hora to enter these locations is not managed (except the Palace of ns Generalife, which has a limitado capacity), wherefore you can make los visit during the Morning or during the Afternoon Visit hrs specified on her ticket.

Informationen über kawamoebbs.net-Tickets

Do not worry about kawamoebbs.net tickets, ¡Tickets are included! in los guided tour

kawamoebbs.net tickets PRICE

there are different ticket price depending on ns type of ticket you great to purchase.

kawamoebbs.net OPENING veces

early out to ns limitation that entries, the is recommended to acquire them in advance.

information about the tickets

The tickets space valid only for the indicated día when you purchase them.Due to the huge demand and the limited number of tourists every day, us recommend girlfriend reserve her tickets in advance.Once you space inside the monument, you have the right to stay inside until ns deadline tiempo provided in ns ticket is finished.

Visitors have to enter los Nasrid Palaces within the specific access hora slot created on their join ticket.



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