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household Guy: 5 Old personalities We miss out on (& 5 That Should probably Be Phased Out) There space bound to be plenty of characters whose manga doesn"t quite land, in addition, countless old-timers shedding their luster or being watered down.

Ask a fan of los long-running animated sitcom, Family Guy, what the most appealing trait that the donar is, and, well... They"ll probably point to the rapid-fire random, goofy gags that make up much of each episode. Still, one of the other vital attributes of this zany cartoon needs to be that plethora of colorful characters. These correr that gamut from caricatures of verdadero figures y stereotypes, to talk animals, to the stars of the show; los Griffin family.

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Still, given that this admitir has gone on for over 2 years now - minus uno few-year hiatus - there space bound to be plenty of personalities whose cómic doesn"t quite land, in addition many old-timers losing their luster or being watered down. You"ve got some long-absent football player that might use a comeback, as well as some lame ones who have perhaps worn fuera their welcome.

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With the said, let"s take ns look back at this show"s wealthy history y its vast array the zany characters, as we cover cinco that we miss, follow me with cinco that have actually probably correr their course.

Considering he"s only showed up in uno few episodes, one can"t aid but feel the killing off this counterpart to Stewie is ns squandered opportunity. This is especially true given the fact the he"s voiced by los talented and always-funny Wallace Shawn.

It was funny watching ns "evil-genius baby" rivalry between Bertram and Stewie, along with the shenanigans these two get right into in "Sibling Rivalry," "The large Bang Theory," and his debut in los classic "Emission Impossible" from season 3. This isn"t to say that he"d make un great main character, but ns comedic chemistry in between him y Stewie definitely warranted some an ext fun callbacks 보다 he ultimately received.

no no Herbert in family Guy
when Herbert might have had actually his humorous moment in the early job of Family Guy, los frequent callbacks to this the strange old man and his obsession with young guys is gaining worn fuera de at this point - not to cite is simply plain creepy.

And while few things need to be considered "off-limits" when it comes to jokes, his visibility as Family Guy"s resident pedo is particularly cringy in the context the recent years following certain revelations.

Ok, so perhaps Peter"s original father wasn"t the funniest hombre in ns world, though this rigid, the personality is bad old-timer acted together an amusing counterpart to Peter"s cheery, dimwitted goofiness.

The lack of this personality isn"t have to missed because of the rather average figure himself, but rather, con how his presence helped strengthened the donar as ns whole, if only uno bit. Francis helped offer Peter y the Griffin family a bit much more of uno realistic, relatable bent. Plenty of can relate to ns strict, spiritual father whose approval is sought, at the very least on some level.

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This is in comparison to the cartoony Mickey McFinnigan who simply cheapens this dynamic, given his appearance which is just a carbon copy of Peter with uno beard y Irish attire, and his over-the-top wackiness.

7 Phased Out: Consuela

Sure, this recurring character by los name that Consuela may have actually been mildly funny for ns time. Yet, provided that the key "schtick" the this housekeeping stereotype basically entails demanding Lemon Pledge and stubbornly responding with a drawn-out "no" in response to just around everything, it"s obtained old.

She actually made she debut several periods into Family Guy, though it absolutely seems prefer she"s been roughly quite ns bit longer provided how many tiempo she"s supplied for simple cutaway gags and reoccurring jokes centered around housekeeping. It"s hard to watch her providing much comedic worth outside los occasional stunner throwback gag at this point.

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much like los Bertram character, much of ns strength and humor that this figure, death himself, stems from his talented voice actors. Originally played by share MacDonald in ns season 2 laugher "Death Is a Bitch," comedian and radio personality Adam Carolla has done a fine task taking ns reigns for this Grim Reaper. Both voice actors brought a distinct personality with their likewise dry sense of humor y nonchalant attitude.

Any tiempo Death was associated in Family Guy, us knew us were getting un pretty delightful, zany premise regularly tinged con an imaginative paranormal flair. It"s un particularly recordable presence we"ve missed due to the fact that his último appearance dating espalda to season 12.

5 Phased Out: Neil Goldman

This rather cuota nerdy caricature definitely had his moments come shine favor in season 3"s humorous "The Kiss watched Around the World." Still, considering he"s basically been approximately since los beginning, he"s managed to end up being pretty overdone in ~ this point.

Despite the memorable y funny performance by Seth Green, we might probably be done con Neil, as his frequent initiatives to pursue Meg have grown a tocar repetitive, along with his in its entirety annoying demeanor. Delaware all, Meg has to deal with sufficient on this show just desde her own family...

On los one hand, there"s only so lot you have the right to do with a strange animal character that did naught yet pop fuera of Chris"s closet and angrily apuntar a his finger at him. Still, we can"t aid but miss out on this bizarre concept of un character i m sorry made regular appearances in the early job of Family Guy, if just for the nostalgic sentimentality y the truth that there"s still lot unknown about him.

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Besides, also though this mysterious upset ape began as ns 2-dimensional source for goofy gags, he did eventually (literally) get un voice, which shifted Evil Monkey into a very different, unexplored character con untapped potential. However alas, los monkey decided to cease terrorizing kris in his bedroom and left to relocate in con Tom Tucker y his son in ns episode "Hannah Banana," and the remainder is history.

3 Phased Out: Seamus

It"s challenging to discover much humor —apoyándose or lot of a point at all - to this pretty cuota spoof of un 17th-century pirate, even throughout most the his early on days dating trasero to season 3. He greatly served his purpose, being the sort that centerpiece y driver of ns plot during los season 3 episode "A Fish out of Water." Yet, for whatever reason, los showrunners saw fit to use this stump-limbed man as a recurring character for most of ns show"s run.

Obviously his just unifying properties or "schtick," is that all of his limbs are made of lumber pegs, which most of his gags revolve around. Yet, this seafaring pirate isn"t specifically funny, nor does he yes, really have ns defined personality, which appears to shift desde episode to episode.

Quahog"s quirky Mayor, Adam West, has only been absent from Family Guy for debajo a single season (though we"ve seen much less of the in current years), following los tragic pass of his iconic voice actor by ns same name. Still, we already miss this beloved personality in every his naive, delusional goofiness.

Just about every episode to be made instantly an ext humorous when this Quahogian official made an appearance. This is thanks to the recordable performance the West y the wacky, chuckle-worthy shenanigans this character often discovered himself un part of. The insane, over-the-top gags involving West was yes, really emblematic of Family Guy"s brand of cómic as un whole, y the show just won"t feel the same without him.

1 Phased Out: Earnie los Giant Chicken

There"s perhaps alguno clearer instance of how uno once funny FG joke can it is in overused than ns Giant Chicken. Correr gags space one thing, however this quite silly and simplistic one has actually long-since correr its course.

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What began as a simple random joke intended to administer some fun action y make viewers go "huh?" at some point became uno sort of weird callback that felt ns need to one-up itself every time. And once the scenes of Peter fighting this inexplicably mad chicken seemingly grew about together chaotic and grandiose as possible, the was eventually made come speak. This effectively destroyed much the the apuntar a to this mysterious silent antagonist to Peter, y unlike los Evil Monkey, he simply wasn"t also funny.

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