La Course By Le Tour De France

Here’s why you need to tune in for one of the most interesting women’s gyeongju on ns WorldTour calendar.

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On Saturday, June 26, we’ll see ns eighth execution of La course by the Tour del France, a one-day gyeongju on ns women’s WorldTour. Originally arranged as an attempt to appease supporters who justifiably feel that ns women’s peloton deserved their very own Tour de France, los race has frequently garnered more criticism than accolades, despite los fact the the carreras is constantly hard, fast, y exciting.

Thankfully, the Amaury deporte Organization (ASO), organizers of the men’s Tour de France, have actually announced that a “true” women’s Tour de France, a week-long phase race the will begin once the men’s concludes, will be correr in 2022.

In los meantime, here’s whatever you must know around Sunday’s La Course:

The Route

Covering 107 kilometers, La Course begins in Brest, France, the site of the men’s cool Depart, y sets el fin on some of the same roads the men will entrada during Stage uno of the Tour ese France. After climbing los Category cuatro Côte del Trébéolin (0.9km at 5.1 percent) 8.6 kilometers into the race (a perfect clues for un breakaway come escape), the route continues sur near the coast before heading inland in ~ Le Faou, wrapping its way counterclockwise toward los finish in Landernau.

Once in Landernau, the riders will complete numero 3 laps of ns circuit that contains the Category tres Côte después la Fosse aux Loups, un 3-kilometer climb with an typical grade the 5.7 percent. Ns finish gestión sits atop ns ascent, which the women will climb a enteramente of 4 times.

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It’s a route because that puncheurs, riders who fare fine in los Ardennes Classics. Ns finishing climb is steepest at ns bottom, yet riders who have climbed it in training say it’s harder than it look at on paper. Wind could play a function as well, probably breaking los race into echelons as ns peloton makes its way phia băc to Landernau ~ above Brittany’s tight y narrow roads.

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While los weather estimate calls because that clouds, the day should be dry. Showers room expected after the gyeongju concludes. Wind is expected to come desde north-northwest, i beg your pardon means los riders will face ns headwind on the first half of los finishing circuit, but a tailwind on ns approach to ns climb. This could entice part to gamble on escaping before the climb itself y holding-off los chasing peloton.