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La Toya Jackson to be unveiled as los alien ~ above FOX’s struggle show, The masking Singer, ~ above Wednesday night. The very próximo day, the 62-year-old performer stopped by ETLive to talk around keeping ns big secret.

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"I was hoping that would certainly not know. That’s what us all go in there hoping for. Identificación was very careful,” she told ETLive’s Tanner Thomason. "I was cautious not come laugh or anything, however they disguised our voces as you have the right to see."

Jackson was hesitant at an initial to do los show, but ultimately asked she mother, Katherine Jackson, for advice.

"I thought it was very different, an extremely unique. I loved los concept, that whole bit. However, i wasn’t sure if me gustaría wanted to execute it,” she admitted. "I was juggling various projects at the same time. And then me gustaría decided to think about it and I asked someone, my mother, and she says, ‘Honey, go ahead y do it.’”

Katherine was ns only human who knew she to be participating, but that didn’t avoid her friends from speculating.

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"They were guessing everything but me. Castle thought identificación was ns lion, me gustaría don’t understand where they acquired that from, lock thought me gustaría was ns unicorn, i forgot this various other one, i think it to be Margaret Cho, whichever one she was,” she said.

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Mostly Jackson to be nervous the she would accidentally reveal her identification in the middle of she performance.

"The alien cabeza was therefore heavy, and it sweet so much it would certainly tilt me over and I would lose my balance,” she shared. "It was really hefty wood. Identificación was much more concerned around my head coming off."

While she was the alien, Jackson still has alguna clue who los other performers space behind the masks.

"I’m tho trying to guess who human being are y I’m not acquiring it right,” she confessed. "I did not understand who anyone was. They go not know who me gustaría . We involved the estudio masked."

For more representar The masking Singer, watch ns clip below:

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