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If you usually juego FIFA with your colleagues, the sure has actually happened to you sometime. Over there is little time left come finish ns game and you are focused on scoring a goal. Friend steal los ball and prepare to go against it, you know what you need to do and in your cabeza you are really concentrated until you hear ns commentators to speak a de verdad nonsense that renders you shed your papers. What ns h**l were they thinking when they decided to document that phrase?

These are ns craziest phrases the Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez have narrated in recent years:

Bruce lee would it is in proud of him for that entry the made!

Come ~ above kid, go study what EA walk not jugar for this

If it records me ahead, the puts me in Cuenca!

They are chaining passes like a chain!

Shoemaker to his shoes, goalkeeper to his goal.

But wherein is that going? What a sweet spot you scored! Go show it to your dad and he’ll know why you play this game so much

-Manolo Lama: Paco, how do you see the meeting because that today? -Paco González: me gustaría already told friend that me gustaría left los crystal round in ns workshop, Manolo

The goalkeeper is clear that a draw is always far better than ns defeat!

But mine gosh, what un bad shot!

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This item would not hit un cow even kicking un melon at one meter

This complement looks like men versus boys and the boys seem to require their moms!

He has burned the campo with his career. Y by the way los hearts in los stands

He has alguna hair, but my God of mine life, exactly how he top his head!

What a aprobar he has! Not also Pelé in his best days

We wanted to have ns great commentator this afternoon, yet we will need to settle because that Paco González

Aim for ns lantern and kill an old woman

What a gift, it seems that we room at Christmas!

That little shiver had actually neither poison no one danger

As if mine grandmother threw, it really easy for ns goal

One, two, three, four, 5 zero! los result reflects what we view in ns field

-Manolo Lama: Paco, what is ns mouflon like?-Paco: Well, like uno goat, but with black horns.

But reloj him placed his fists in. If it looks prefer Muhammad Ali!

With that kick the deserves to lower his salary

And my wife wanted me to go with my mother-in-law!

That goalkeeper is like an archaeologist: his future is in ruins

– !! Both the cantaro goes to los source QUUEE !!!

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-!!Oh my God!! favor Chuta but it seems that he has actually Anemia

-This male has ns Bazooka in the Leg

– also my grandmother would hit the ball con more pressure boy!

– !!! with that kick he deserves to lower his salary!

– !! and THE round WENT TO cuenca !!!

– He has touched two balls y scored two goals !!!! You currently know the equation !!! as soon as it hits ns third …… Sure goal !!!

– Solid y seamless defense

-But now it will turn el fin that he has actually injured self !!!

– That’s just how they put them ~ above Felipe II!

-Paco, what was ns referee’s name? * fine now i don’t mental … nothing at every that i have captured you with los ice cream cart

-You know that Barça is ns second sociedad with more members in the world. Y which is Bayern del Munchen ns first?No, Benfica