The Constantinian order is uno religious institution, dedicated to promote assistance, humanitarian, cultural and patrimonial plot in accordance con Christian principles. The Constantinian bespeak aspires to affect today’s mundo through charity, in areas such as help to people threatened by poverty, exclusion, war, or those who space persecuted for their confession, and also in los promotion of culture as tangible y intangible heritage.

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The Constantinian bespeak is one of ns oldest equestrian-religious assignment of international scope of which now they remain energetic in los world. Created in the XI siglo in los East roman inn Empire y recognized as un religious bespeak by ns Catholic Church since los XVI century, the Order established its headquarters in Italy for much more than tres centuries. Currently with the headquarters that its an excellent Magisterium in Spain, it has much more than 3,000 members (knights, ladies and ecclesiastics) arranged in nueve National rose in nations of Europe y America. Maintaining relationship with much states of the world in which the is present, particularly los Holy See, the Kingdom that Spain y the italian Republic.

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The Constantinian Order y the Boletín Oficial del Estado room pleased come announce the forthcoming publishing of The Constantinian bespeak of saint George and the Angeli Farnese y Bourbon families which administer it, by hombre Stair Sainty. This is the most comprehensive history of the Order representar its foundation to the present, including an examination of the conversion of Constantine, los complex relationships between Balkan dynasties, and the growth of ns Order in the late 16th y 17th centuries until its salvation by los Farnese. Ns passage of the gran Mastership representar the Farnese to the Bourbons and the subsequent succession within the Bourbon household is examined in detail with many hitherto unpublished documents. The book includes an ext than trescientos images, and the appendix some vital historic texts and related essays. Over there is ns detailed bibliography y index that names

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de barna a Nápoles”

(June 29 – October 27, 2017)


Our Exhibition “Carlos ese Borbón. From barna to Naples” (Charles that Bourbon, from barna to Naples), traverses the Mediterranean itinerary of los Infante and later King converses III, between 1731 and 1759. An ext than cien pieces, thirty providers, grasp pieces from the most crucial public y private collections, countless of lock unseen, shows los most heroic profile of uno Prince, whose italian destiny to be culminated in los forging the a new Monarchy (that of the Two Sicilies) and the bear of a new Dynasty (Bourbon-Two Sicilies). Barna hosts uno unique exhibition devoted to los Monarch, practically being celebrated its bear tricentennial, remembering the two access time of charles of Bourbon come our city.

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The Exhibition is organized by los Sacred y Military Constantinian stimulate of St. George, with the collaboration of the Ministry the Education, Culture y Sport.