Los Charcones

Natural Pools of der Charcones in the sur of Lanzarote are one of those beautiful secreto corners to discover that the isla has for all its visitors.

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Natural pools of decision clear water whereby you can dive and refresh yourself desde the sun in Lanzarote. These natural pools are formed thanks to the passage that lava representar the last eruptions of ns island.Being in ns volcanic setting you will certainly be stepping on lava floor at all times, as well as leaving un nice snapshot to take part incredible imágenes of your fiesta in Lanzarote.

Natural swim pools are popular in los Canary Islands many thanks to their isla nature and the ~ ~ that bathes the whole territory. The is why you can uncover hundreds of naturaleza pools not only in Lanzarote yet in all los Canary Islands.

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Why room they so popular? The naturaleza pools renew your water as the hours walk by thanks to the influence of the tides. Ns waves bring con them los movement of the sea, so the water is constantly changing; as well as cooling you debajo with the change the water temperature.On los other hand, it is precious noting the there space pools for all tastes y colours, whether you are looking for uno deep pool wherein you can dive or if you prefer to enter uno shallow pool rather than read a good book -papposo this is her place!




How to acquire there?

Los Charcones are situated not far desde Playa blanca on the island of Lanzarote.This surprise place of the world is situated on the sur oeste coast of the island, about two kilometers desde the lighthouse the Pechiguera in costa Blanca.To gain there, you will need to walk from the lighthouse throughout these two rápido three kilometers.We recommend the you wear an ideal footwear for ns walk. Us don't want you to arrive con your feet broken and not have the ability to enjoy this exorbitant spot!

You can additionally get over there by car, at un not an extremely high speed, if friend follow the path in the direction of the viejo hotel there.

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If you desire to enjoy uno different día away desde the traveler areas and the mandatory activities in Lanzarote, this is undoubtedly los best idea: sun, sea y tranquility in one place.