Magical moments for los whole familyWelcome come Disneyland Paris! gain to recognize this location for all los family: it"s much an ext than uno Theme Park. The Disney magia comes to life in ~ Disneyland Park, Walt Disney estudios Park, Disney Village and our eight miracle themed hotels. Over cincuenta attractions offer magical experiences and exciting adventures because that young y old alike. Fulfill your favourite Disney Characters, it is in amazed through colourful parades and breathtaking shows y enjoy los huge choice of much more than cincuenta restaurants: ns perfect choice for uno family break!

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Five magical lands completamente of fantasy, adventure, fun y excitement spread out out from Sleeping beauty Castle. Reap unforgettable encounters con Disney Characters, amazing attractions and countless wonder moments! Disneyland Park is open up all year round y its extra-long opening hrs offer hrs of magical entertainment for los whole family.

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At Walt Disney Studios Park, film fans can get uno sense of the Hollywood magic y meet your favourite Disney Characters. The parque is divided into four studio areas, i beg your pardon give ns fascinating understanding behind los scenes. This is wherein you can find fuera de the tricks behind one-of-a-kind effects, animation y cartoons, enjoy spectacular stunt demonstrations y experience un Disney/Pixar adventure like coche or Ratatouille for yourself. Walt Disney Studios Park is open up all year round for film stars prefer you.


After un fun-filled day at ns Disney Park, proceed the magia at one of our eight Disney Hotels. Influenced by Disney stories y designed with the ultimate fist to detail, over there is something because that every taste and budget y you deserve to enjoy many more magical moments, fun y relaxation. From luxurious come cosy come rustic, our theme Hotels offer something because that everyone. Representar a luxury ambience con five-star servicio to un cabin top top an really ranch, you"re certain to get un great night"s sleep.

There is vast culinary variety at Disneyland Paris. Con snacks, huge buffets y delicious meals with y without table service, Disneyland Paris offers a wide variety of cook options. Over 50 themed restaurants at Disneyland Park, Walt Disney estudios Park, Disney Village and los Disney Hotels y their trusted staff sell delicious meals for every taste y budget.

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Discover our magical packages consisting of accommodation in uno Disney Hotel, enntrance gate to both Disney Parks and much more.

Experience uno diverse entertainment offering for the whole family members at Disney Village. The freely accessible shopping and entertainment area is right in between the Disney Parks y hotels. Below you can find themed restaurants for every taste, ns wide range of shops including the LEGO Store, Disney Fashion y World that Disney y live music late into the evening.

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At Disneyland Paris, there"s plenty because that even the youngest guest to enjoy. It"s simple to have uno great tiempo here con babies and infants, as numerous of our attractions are additionally suitable because that our youngest tourists - and meeting your favourite Disney characters is often uno magical experience for children. Parental can publication their continue to be in breakthrough so that their niños can it is in happy y well cared for when they arrive, right debajo to nappy-changing facilities y bottle feeding services in restaurants.