Real academia de bellas artes de san fernando

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The Real academicociviles de Bellas artes de smo Fernando, while often referred to together Madrid’s "other letras gallery", is far desde that. In its function as los royal fine arts academy it has actually trained y nurtured an incredible variety of Spanish artists gastos generales the centuries. Un smattering of the academy’s an ext illustrious alumni includes polo Picasso, ayudar a las personas Dalí, Antonio López García, juan Luna, Oscar del la Renta y Fernando Botero. Throughout his life, Francisco Goya was a director of ns prestigious institution.

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Established by stimulate of king Fernando through in the middle of los 18th century, ns academy to be moved about twenty años later, under King hables III, come its existing location in los Goyeneche royal residence on calles Alcalá minutes desde Puerta del Sol. Ns palace, originally designed by José benedice Churrigera for los Goyeneche household in 1724, to be renovated in mil setecientos setenta y tres for academic usar by Diego de Villanueva. It to be during los renovation that los original baroque façade was modified to the neo-classical one we check out today.

Thanks to royal patronage y an illustrious gestión of previous students ns walls of ns Real academia de Bellas artes are lined with works by Zurbarán, Murillo, Velázquez, Goya, Ribera, juan Gris, paul Serrano y Juan del Juanes amongst others. Serving as a museum, gallery y art institute, in enhancement to ns proliferation that Spanish artists, ns academy has superb pieces by Giovanni Bellini, Correggio, Rubens and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The 1st floor is primarily devoted to 16th with 19th siglo paintings and is thought about to be ns most noteworthy. The is right here that the old masters together as van Dyck y Rubens y drawings by Raphael y Titian hang.

It is additionally on the ground floor that we find ns crème del la crème of ns Spanish collection. One room showcases occupational by Zurbarán; be sure to look for his impressive “Fray Pedro Machado”. Look for ns breathtaking “San Jerónimo” by los Greco.

Rooms 11 to dieciséis showcase Alonso Cano (1601-67) y José de Ribera (1591-1652). In the other floor floor rooms space minor portraits by Velázquez hanging alongside the occasional Rubens, Tintoretto and Bellini. Rooms diecisiete to 22 offer ns number the artists y numerous works by Murillo.

In ns area specialized solely come Goya we will certainly find 13 pieces that his work, including self-portraits ns best of i beg your pardon is considered to be the one painted in 1815; portraits of king Fernando VII and the well known minister manuel Godoy, along con one ~ above bullfighting and his fairly grim "Madhouse".

Upstairs casa the an ext recent work, drawings by Picasso as well as works by Joaquín Sorolla, juan Gris, Eduardo Chillida y Ignacio Zuloaga.

Fun Fact: dos of the greatest alumni that the academicociviles were also dos of ns most rebellious; in their emplea lives and also in the arte they created. Both polo Picasso y Salvador Dalí dropped out to seek their own paths - and our resides are richer as a result.

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In enteramente the Real acemicocisibiles de Bellas artes is página de inicio to much more than 1,500 paintings and almost 600 sculptures, ranging desde the 15th siglo to ns present. It is also patria to the national Chalcography museum which includes original plates offered by several painters such together Goya come engrave on copper or brass.

Fun Fact: located on the fifth floor is the circulo radio station. That is representar here, top top every world Book Day, that “Don Quixote” is review aloud and broadcast come Spanish speak countries.

Before leaving choose either the rooftop terrazzo with its stupendous view of the city or ns ground floor bar, uno longtime la villa de madrid intellectual y artistic hangout, for un much needed café.

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Museum hours of operation: Tuesday come Sunday 10am-3pm (15.00). Closed Mondays. Hours may vary during July y August. Admission: €6; Wednesdays room free.