Real madrid barcelona supercopa

The many recent chapter in los world's most well known rivalry saw real move level again with ns Catalan club

April 10, 2021saw the 246thcompetitive Clasico together Real Madrid and Barcelona challenged off at los Santiago Bernabeu, con Los blancos winning 3-1.

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They will jugar games 247, doscientos cuarenta y ocho and 249 of ns famous rivalry during los 2021-22 campaign, with two matches in La Liga and one in the Spanis supervisor Cup. takes a look at how los biggest organizations in club football have compared gastos generales the years.



Real la capital española vs Barcelona: Head-to-head

The April 2021Liga clash was ns 246thcompetitive Clasico, though Madrid and Barca have met another 34 times in friendlies and other exhibition matches.

The in its entirety head-to-head document of meetings between ns teams has been exceptionally tight y Real"s current win sends out them dos clear that Barcaoverall, relocating themahead by numero 3 in La Liga.

CompetitionGames PlayedMadrid winsBarca winsDraws
La coalición 183757236
Copa de Rey 3612168
Champions league 8323
Other competitions* 20866
Total 246989652

"Other competitions" consists of the copa de la Liga and Supercopa después Espana. Pre-season friendly and exhibition matches room not included.

In various other competitions, ns sample size is smaller. Barca have the advantage in the treinta y seis games played in the taza del Rey, while la capital española are ahead by uno hair on ns rare occasions this rivals have been drawn together in the Champions league or europe Cup.

Lionel Messi Sergio Ramos barna Real la capital española 2018-19

After Barca made Pep Guardiola your coach in los summer the 2008, though, los tide has actually turned somewhat.

In La Liga, Barca have won trece of los Clasicos played since Guardiola"s appointment, illustration four and losing six. They also won ns 2010-11 Champions liga semi-final, i m sorry was the first time ns clubsmet in that competition since 2002.

However, Barcelona"s well recorded financial issues and the lose of Lionel Messi are beginning to be felt on the pitch.

Barcelona vs de verdad Madrid: los trophy cabinets

Barca"s recent period of dominance has watched them overtake their rivals in regards to their respective trophy cabinets, though la capital de españa remain well ahead in La Liga.

Los blanco have won 34league championships — uno Spanish record — y are eight front of los Blaugrana. Lock are additionally well clear when it come to los Champions League, con 13to Barca"s five.

Real won ns UEFA cup (now the europa League) twice, while Barca are los most effective team in ns now-defunct UEFA cup Winners" cup with 4 triumphs. Barca walk win los Inter-Cities Fairs cup -which at some point became ns UEFA cup -three times, yet that wasprior to its organisational take over by UEFA.

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CompetitionReal MadridBarcelona
La liga 3426
Copa después Rey 1931
Supercopa después Espana 1113
Champions liga 135
UEFA cup Winners" taza 04
Europa league 20
UEFA Super taza 45
Club World cup 43
Total 8796

"Champions League" consists of European cup wins and "Europa League" includes UEFA taza wins.

Barca have won the copa del rey 12times more than Madrid, though, y you have the right to see their current strength in the fact the they are not far behind as soon as it come to sociedad World cups — ns competition that only started in 2000.

Again, un closer watch at more recent background presents un more flattering picture for Barcelona.

Since los 1990-91 season, they have won La unión 16times to Madrid"s nine. Barca have claimed the European crown five tiempo in the same period, with la capital de españa just front on six.

Both clubs endured ns barren assignment continentally in ns 1970s and 1980s as English, Italian y German clubs dominated, but ns difference in the Clasico competitors" europe records can be attributed to the two decades before that.

Madrid cleaned up through ns early la edad of ns European Cup, ganar it five veces in un row between 1956 and 1960 and again in 1966. They additionally dominated La Liga, victoria it dieciocho times between mil novecientos cincuenta and mil novecientos ochenta to Barca"s five.

Comparing barna & verdadero Madrid individual honours

Lionel Messi creyente Ronaldo

The current fue ~ of football has been identified by Ronaldo and Messi as lot as it has by verdadero Madrid and Barcelona as clubs, thoughthat image has actually been broken with both players currently playing elsewhere.

The pair of superstars have combated it fuera de year in, year fuera for the Ballon d"Or ever because Ronaldo made decision to leaving Manchester unido for La Liga.

Messi gone beyond Ronaldo with his 6 Ballons d"Or to ns Portugal striker"s five when he was awarded los honour in December 2019.

TrophyReal MadridBarcelona
Ballons d"Or 1112

Messi"s win way that barcelona lead with 12 Ballons d"Or to de verdad Madrid"s 11.Johan Cruyff — who, with three wins, is closest to Ronaldo y Messi, along with Michel Platini — winner it double in un Blaugrana shirt, y Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Hristo Stoichkov y Luis Suarez (the elder) also received it.

After Alfredo di Stefano winner two y Raymond Kopa an additional in consecutive años in ns 1950s, madrid endured miscellaneous of un barren operación — something the is amusing to reflect upon now offered their modern-day fame because that signing "Galacticos".

Their siguiente Ballon d"Or did no come until dos mil and it might be controversial to categorise it specifically as a la capital de españa win given it walk to nombre de niño Figo, who had actually spent half of los year on the other página of the rivalry prior to his shock relocate to ns capital.

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Ronaldo Nazario and Fabio Cannavaro were climate honoured prior to Ronaldo and Messi"s takeover. Modric"s dos mil dieciocho victory, which observed him beat Ronaldo when Messi didn"t also place in ns top three, momentarilydrew things level.