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San Fernando, shopping and culture

San Fernando is still unknown perhaps by you and other tourists. However this small center not so much within los territory is definitely worth ns visit. In Calle Partera Leonorita are some significant shopping centers consisting of Bellavista shopping Center, shops y bars. It’s uno fairly busy city as traffic is concerned. Avenida de Galdar was renovated in dos mil catorce and pedestrianised created . Additionally here are numerous shops y bars where it is exorbitant shopping

The municipality has actually some beautiful parks such as Parque del San Fernando where is good to relax. The sports y football stadium additionally is situated nearby. Just behind los stadium over there is uno cozy lugares bar Cafetaria Timanfaya on calle Santa Brigida. There you very come soon in contact con the lugares people. It’s an the end bar extended with uno tent

Shopping in the ciudad of San Fernando is really worthwhile los prices of clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, travel goods like suitcases are lot cheaper than los nearby Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas shops. The difference you notification very easily if friend order other in a localidades bar or snack bar.

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Shopping centers in smo Fernando room CC Bellavista, CC Botánico, CC Euro Center, C.C Nilo, CC Ronda, Hiperdino and CC san Fernando. Please note that los shops in smo Fernando space closed ~ above Sundays.

Just together each year additionally be celebrated the New Year celebrations in san Fernando. Execute you live in san Fernando or space you on fiesta in estupendo Canaria to hibernate, climate a trabaja trip sure to think about during ns Christmas period. Roughly Christmas and New Year’s Eve many thanks to the warm temperatures are many tasks outdoors in ns municipality. Ns white Christmas you will certainly not discover here, yet fun and joy is abundant.

Parque Bellavista brings tranquility in ns city

Between the shopping and residential neighborhood lies this eponymous park Bellavista . Ns modern ciudad de la ciudad green parque has a completamente area of 18 000 square meters. Transparent the park runs a muelle that networks water representar the hills to ns coast of Maspalomas.

From about the middle that the parque there are tiny channels with rippling water flows into an viejo water tank. During an extremely hot days it is lovely here to stay among los numerous trees.

A fractional is illuminated in los evening y a water spring offering the park an extra dimension. For sporting activities lovers, there is a practice zona for football training and an the end circuit with fitness equipment, jogging and gymnastics. Normally for the niños are noted some toys. Un walk through this pleasant parque with the winding pathways is very recommended.

To los market in san Fernando

Every week there is top top Wednesday and Saturday uno public market. Every tourists come together on this market. The animated and noisy sector at the Mercado Municipal receive weekly hordes the tourists.

Outside ns market merchants selling handbags, clothing, jewelry, shoes, every little thing at bargain prices, at least you must not forget come ask for un good price.

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The sellers dare empezar with un price that is also expensive, ns lower price market is the message. Outside los market room you have the right to enjoy ns terrace con drinks y snacks Here and there are additionally stands con freshly squeezed juice of papaya, orange, citrus.

Inside the market hall is every to achieve what food and flowers are concerned. Fresh produce, fruit, vegetables, fish, every little thing is freshly easily accessible here. Flowers y plants typical Canarian products can be found in the market hall.

Be sure not come forget ns “Queso después Flor después Guia“., uno specialty of Guia, Moya y Galdar. Queso de Florword made of cow and sheep milk. That is un full-fat cheese with a slightly bitterness taste.

The cheese been fermented with ns flower of the thistle or artichoke. An ext about cheese on estupendo Canaria can be uncovered in the Casa de Queso

The market have the right to most easily reached by public move or taxi. Over there is during los market days ns special bus (Mercado) which takes you straight to los market. By taxi is alguno problem, ns taxis corriendo back and forth.

The sector is between 08:00 and 14:00 top top Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check for ns correct route, the mapa on ns right in the sidebar or click here.

San Fernando and Culture

San Fernando is not just to perform some shopping. It has also ns history. Take ns “Casa Condal después San Fernando”. The two-storey casa has been much better known by los inhabitants of the city as “La página de inicio de Doña Candelaria“, one of ns two heirs of los county of Vega Grande.

The casa was never inhabited, only when the family concerned visit Maspalomas. Ns building dates representar the 18th century, y has undergone various interventions until los twentieth century.

Pass in mil novecientos ochenta y cinco is patria Condal be claimed a nacional historic monument.Today the is used as an exhibition room. You can visit casa Condal or La Galeria in Calle Martial frank 7-9 in san Fernando.

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At los roundabout close to the calle principal de Tejeda friend perceive ns sculpture of a camel y camel driver. This beautiful sculpture is a tribute to one of the oldest traditions in history and culture for the development of los economy of estupendo Canaria y San Fernando.

Camels in those times helped farmers y laborers in construction. This particular day camels are only simply an attraction because that tourists. Amongst others, D. Pedro franco or popularly dubbed known together “Paco el después los Camellos” ranks as one of the pioneers to ns historical heritage of Maspalomas and San Bartolome ese Tirajana. Paco spent four camels readily available by camel drivers, few of them in Sub-Saharan áfrica with their white turbans to san Fernando.Camel y camel driver in smo Fernando