Santander central hispano atencion al cliente

Discover los different methods to contact us with Superlínea and change ns way you relate to her bank.

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Click here y find the answers to the most frequently asked questions con our online help, available veinticuatro hours uno day.


If your card has been steal or lost, or who is fraudulently using your digital codes, find fuera de more here.


If you likewise think that human being come first and then every little thing else, y that gift digital is no an fin but rather un means, climate we room connected. At any kind of time. However you like. Wherever you want.

You decide how, when and where to interact with your bank. We make it basic for you: friend can access accounts and cards representar your mobile y carry fuera transactions.

Send money quickly using Bizum.

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Track your expenses y income for ns month con graphs.

View and manage your bills.

Block, turn on or rotate off her cards y check their PIN y CVV numbers.

set your alerts to always be maintained up-to-date.

We believe that tecnología can likewise benefit people y that is why we are wherever girlfriend are. You have the right to arrange online: accounts, debit y credit cards, pension plans, insurance, pre-approved loans...

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We do our services available to you from any place: santandero Orienta, find for you nearest branch or ATM, chat, Superlínea, assistant for questions y video tutorials.