Video Maluma Y Ricky Martin

Check el fin our exclude, behind the scenes photos and low-down desde Ricky Martin and Maluma"s video shoot in sur Beach.


It was difficult to say who looked much better — Ricky nombre de niño or Maluma — as los two traded verses poolside at ns SLS Miami Beach throughout a music video shoot for your upcoming soltero “Vente Pa’Ca” (Come Here).

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The martin track, featuring ns Colombian heartthrob y hot ticket-seller, autumn Sept. 23, along con the music video command by Jessy Terrero.



“Vente Pa’Ca” is un party track set gastos generales a sultry reggaetón beat. Originally titled “Some sort of Dream” in English, the was composed in Scandinavia in March and April of 2016 by ann Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Vidar Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic, Justin Stein, Lars “Chief One” Pedersen y Carl Ryden.

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Lyrics for los Spanish-language tune were penned by Mau YRicky Montaner, sonsof Ricardo Montaner. Martín also contributed.

It to be Martin’s opinión to invite Maluma into ns mix for los Spanish track; the Colombian estrella is on many remixes y duets lately, including one of carlos Vives and Shakira’s “La Bicicleta.”


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