The emitir was at los glitzy LA awards night having been nominated for "best actor" however wanted to remind world who the supported

Lifelong san Lorenzo pan Viggo Mortensen used ns Oscars to display screen his love for the Argentine club.

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The actor was at Hollywood’s biggest espalda slapping event of ns year together he had actually been nominated for his function in environment-friendly Book, i m sorry won los ‘best film’ gong.


Viggo Mortensen display screens the san Lorenzo badge which was stitched into his waistcoat at the Oscars. He was nominated because that ‘best actor’ yet lost out to Rami Malek

The 60-year-old, who has actually starred in the lord of los Rings trilogy, was on stage with carga Burke in los Angeles as soon as he revealed the smo Lorenzo argorial stitched right into his waistcoat.

Mortensen’s love affair with ns began once his Danish father and americano mother relocated to Argentina from their home in new York once the actor was simply two, staying there until he was 11.

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“I love the team, y the history of it,” the told in 2018. “Not just los team, but the neighbourhood it’s from, Boedo.

“Historically it’s produced uno lot of artists, un lot that writers. un very complicated neighbourhood, y complex team, in uno way, san Lorenzo.”


Mortensen pictured watching san Lorenzo in action. His assistance stems representar his tiempo living in Argentina representar the age of dos until he to be 11

It’s additionally seen West Ham defensa Pablo Zabaleta jugar there, as well as Ezequiel Lavezzi y the maddest goalkeeper of them all, Jose luis Chilavert. Fabricio Coloccini left Newcastle delaware eight la edad to join the club in 2016.

And it’s not los first tiempo Mortensen has used uno high-profile event to showcase his support, as he did ns same in ~ the dos mil diecisiete Oscars.

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Viggo Mortensen con el escudo de su amado sociedad
SanLorenzo ese Almagro. Alguna pudo ser, Viggo. #Oscar2017

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MovistarCine) February 27, 2017




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