While los Redmi 5A is identical to los 4A in plenty of ways, Xiaomi haspacked in some ascendente upgrades here y there. Here"s ns closerlook.

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Xiaomi has launched its lot hyped and anticipated "Desh ka Smartphone" in india in ns form of ns Redmi 5A. Los 5A, which has actually been released at uno mouth-watering starting price the Rs 4,999, has actually been designed for India and will it is in made (assembled) in the país as well. Although the Redmi 5A has currently been released in China, the india specific version comes with certain distinct features tailored certain for the Indian market.

The Redmi 5A succeeds los Redmi 4A which was released in India regreso in March 2017 for uno starting price that Rs 5,999. While los Redmi 5A is identical to los 4A in countless ways, Xiaomi has actually packed in some incrementado upgrades here and there. Here"s uno closer look.

While both ns Redmi 4A and Redmi 5A are made fuera of plastic, los latter has uno metallic matte end up on the espalda that"s smooth to the touch. Just like the Redmi 4A, the 5A lacks un fingerprint sensor and comes with uno 5-inch HD IPS display with un 720p resolution and a pixel thickness of 294ppi.
The Indian variation of los Redmi 5A differs from the Chinese variant in a few ways. Firstly, it comes with uno dedicated slot for dos nano sim cards and one microSD card. Ns Redmi 4A in comparison comes with a hybrid card slot that allows either two SIM cards or one center card and a microSD card. Secondly, Xiaomi has introduced a variant con 3GB that RAM and 32GB of inner storage specifically for the Indian market. In China, only the 2GB RAM/16GB storage variant is available.

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There is very little to choose between the Redmi 4A y Redmi 5A in terms of los hardware inside. Just like ns 4A, ns 5A is powered by los Snapdragon cuatrocientos veinticinco processor combine with the Adreno trescientos ocho GPU y 2/3GB of ram depending on los variant. The battery has seen a slight palliation in size rápido from 3,120mAh (on the 4A) to 3,000mAh. Both móviles inteligentes come con either 16 or 32GB of internal storage that have the right to be increased via un microSD card (of up to 128GB).
On the imaging front, there doesn"t seem to it is in much distinction between ns two móviles inteligentes (at the very least on paper). Ns Redmi 5A come with a 13MP rear camera with an aperture the f/2.2, an LED flash and phase detection autofocus. On ns front, ns phone has ns 5MP shooter with an aperture that f/2.0 because that selfies. Los Redmi 4A likewise comes with a 13MP rear cámara with an aperture of f/2.2 y a 5MP prior camera.
The Redmi 5A operation MIUI nueve based on Android Nougat fuera de of the box i beg your pardon brings con it ns slew of stock Android functions such together split-screen multi-tasking and Google Assistant. MIUI has made an excellent strides y MIUI 9 is its best iteration yet. While the Redmi 4A released with los Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based MIUI 8, MIUI nueve is obtainable for the móvil inteligentes as an gastos generales the atmósfera (OTA) update.

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The greatest area where the Redmi 4A trumps the Redmi 5A is los price. While los 2GB RAM/ 16GB variant of ns Redmi 4A was introduced at Rs 5,999, the same configuration can be found in los Redmi 5A because that Rs 4,999. However, this is an introductory price that will be valid just for the first cincuenta lakh units after which los price of ns 2GB ram variant will be enhanced to Rs 5,999. Los 3GB RAM/ 32GB different of the 5A and 4A room priced los same -papposo at Rs 6,999.